Donna has taught golf for 32 years through a unique teaching method; she custom designs lessons for the students and believes that “there is no perfect golf swing…not even touring pros.”

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Welcome to Donna Helms School of Golf

Whether you are just learning how to play or a veteran of the links, Donna Helms School of Golf will take your game to a new level. Donna Helms School of Golf teaches golf for one reason...for the love of the game, and we've loved it for over twenty years!

Our experience as PGA Teaching Professionals gives us basic perspective of your individual needs. Donna Helms School of Golf combines the fundamental knowledge of golf's “what you should do” with your own personal style and physical capabilities.

Donna's Approach

The uniqueness of Donna Helms School of Golf lessons versus any other in this field is in the personal approach to a “Healthy Golf Swing.” Our program is based on common sense which directs the student to proper mechanics of the swing plus the understanding of how the body, mind and spirit work together. Offering the QXCI/SCIO device as an analysis for the health of the body and emotions, our students have a better concept of just how the body, mind and spirit blended together, marks the defining roll in a complete golfer. Depending on the interest level of each student, we offer several recommendations on nutrition which are linked below, not for diagnosis or treatment, but for educational purposes. Good health begins in the mind as does a good golf swing. A healthy, positive mind will win out every time. At Donna Helms School of Golf, we are positive about one thing: everyone wins.

Donna's Tip #627

Shanking - a fearing not a feeling. The lack of proper wrist cock and release are the culprits behind the "theory" of a shanked shot. However, I believe that because the swinging of a shorter club promotes a shank, the actual cause can be termed "wooden wrist". In order to prevent, stop or never have the "shanks" deliver the club head more inside the golf ball while retaining the wrist cock longer on the downswing. One sure fire cure is to place a board about 1 inch outside the ball and swing down that line without hitting the board.

Picture of a golfer swinging.